Chiropractic Solutions is Harrisonburg’s premier resource for Chiropractic and Functional Movement Rehabilitation. Whether you are seeking increased health, performance or relief from pain or injury, or simply a higher quality of life, our staff can help achieve your goals.

Our clinic is committed to getting to the root of your problem and taking a multi-therapeutic approach to solve your issues and prevent them from returning. We understand that a higher quality of movement equals a higher quality of life.

Contact us today for an appointment and let us help you…MOVE WELL!!!

We specialize in the care of the following:

Neck Pain  •  Back Pain  •  Headaches  •  Sports Injury  •  Auto Injury

Shoulder Pain  •  Arm Pain/Numbness  •  Knee Pain  •  Leg Pain/Numbness

Wrist Pain  •  Elbow Pain  •  Ankle Pain  •  Hip Pain

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Why Choose Chiropractic Solutions:

•96% Patient Satisfaction Index.

•Best possible results.

•We put your needs first.

•Advanced quality of care.

•Friendly and helpful staff.

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