“Optimal Stability occurs when Postural alignment is maintained with endurance throughout movement. It is facilitated by proper breath and movement control.”

    -Dr. Dennis DaPonte


Stability of your movement system begins with the proper control of your breathing and movement while maintaining proper postural alignment.  Even with the best of intentions it is not possible to maintain alignment and prevent pain and injury without stability and balance.

To maintain proper alignment throughout any movement pattern, your nervous system must be equipped the precise blueprint to make that happen.  Functional Movement Rehabilitation is learning to control your movement with precision.

Everyday movement tasks like bending, squatting, sitting and lunging all require precise movement patterns that keep your joints centered in alignment throughout their trajectory.  Without these skills, joints are repetitively stressed and accumulate trauma over time because of the misaligned nature of dysfunctional unstable movement.  This leads to inflammation, pain and premature degeneration.