“Optimal Mobility occurs when muscles have the capacity to move through their full range of motion without restriction or pain, throughout all planes of movement.”

    -Dr. Dennis DaPonte


To move your best you must first learn to move correctly. Before that you must strengthen your weak muscles, lengthen your tight muscles, and free up connective tissue adhesions which restricts your range of motion.

Scar-tissue develops when muscles are damaged due to dysfunctional movement, preventing the normal slide and glide of muscles within their connective tissue sheaths.  These sheaths are called Fascia.  After a soft tissue injury, your body begins to lay down new collagen as scar tissue.

This mechanism, when exaggerated, can cause long-term dysfunction in your movement system.  The Scar-tissue formed by your body’s response to torn muscles, adheres the fascia to the muscle tissue which creates an adhesion within the fascial sheath that should not be there.  These adhesions can accumulate in multiple planes of movement and can significantly restrict your mobility.

The muscles that lie below the fascia are supposed to have the ability to slide under the deepest layer of fascia.  But often, after the repair process of localized inflammation is over, scar tissue has thickened over the area of injury and the underlying muscle loses its ability to move freely becoming adhered to the fascial tissue.

To move well, this must be corrected.